Who We Are

Under Interstate 5 at Eastlake


Volunteers Working Together Removing Litter

Boots on the Ground

Mission Statement

We Heart Seattle is an action-based, boots-on-the-ground movement that organizes trash cleanups in our public spaces and offers resources to those in need. Through our direct civic engagement, we lead the way to a more compassionate and healthy community.

To meet these goals, we:

  • Organize regular volunteer trash cleanups in public spaces
  • Offer individualized assistance to those in need
  • Create a sense of community by welcoming everyone to be involved in real civic engagement
  • Build a network of people who no longer walk by neighbors in need and areas needing repair while expecting someone else to help
  • Utilize all available safe housing, shelters, and treatment facilities for anyone who is ready
  • House our neighbors quickly without the typical restrictions, delays and inefficiency that has kept many on the streets
  • Clean up litter and eradicate graffiti
  • Develop great partnerships with like-minded stakeholders
  • Work cooperatively with city and county employees and leaders

Pounds of Trash Cleared from Parks and Shared Spaces


People Helped Off the Streets


We Heart Seattle is committed to advancing diversity, inclusion, equity, and access as foundational to its programs. We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all people; and we pledge our individual and organizational efforts to build respect, dignity, caring, and equitable treatment for all. As an organization, we are committed to transforming the world into one that promotes social justice and freedom from oppression, including but not limited to, racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, and ableism. Thus, we aim to be adaptable, actively anti-racist, embracing cultural differences, and to be accessible for people who are differently resourced and differently-abled.

Culture of Philanthropy

We Heart Seattle wishes to embody a culture of philanthropy and actively work to increase visibility, raise funds, and be an ambassador for our work. A culture of philanthropy is one in which everyone has a part to play in raising resources for the organization, and that starts with building positive relationships.

Board of Directors

  • Chair: Beth Bunnell
  • Vice Chair: Rebecca Laszlo
  • Executive Director and Member at Large: Andrea Suarez
  • Treasurer: Stephen Morse
  • Secretary: Maria McManus
  • Member at Large: Michael Shellenberger

Tax Information

Incorporated Date: 10/29/2020
Incorporated Name: We Heart Seattle
Universal Business Identifier (UBI): 604 669 453
Employer Identification Number (EIN): 85-3654192
Effective Date of Federal Tax Exemption: 10/29/2020